Arthur Paternoster

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Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and author of Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Busselton Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Busselton Hypnotherapy and Counselling is my therapy practice at Busselton in Western Australia, approximately 190 kilometres from the state capital, Perth.  My focus is on helping people with anxiety to carry on with their lives in a productive way. The process that I use is by reframing and refocusing on the issues giving rise to anxiety. This includes using elements of cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness, radical acceptance, and if required hypnotherapy. I provide therapy to individuals and groups. The group scenario is particularly useful for CBT therapy.

Group Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT has been shown through several decades of research to be especially useful in treating anxiety disorder. Often, the group sessions allow patients to reinforce CBT’s behavioural component and work through their cognitive changes in a safe environment. CBT is a reference to, evidence-based treatment for many problems, including anxiety. It is based on the principle that cognitions (thoughts), behaviours (actions and choices), and emotions (feelings) all affect each other. Being conscious of and changing how we act, think, and respond to emotions can help us keep anxiety from controlling our lives.


As a young soldier, I lost my right eye and suffered severe anxiety attacks and a degree of PTSD. After years of suffering, I learned to deal with this. The lesson that I learned was that you cannot change the past, but you can change how you let it affect you. Subsequently, I entered the University of Western Australia to study Law and achieved admission as a lawyer in Western Australia.

Following my retirement from the law, I have studied psychology, life coaching, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy. I still suffer from depression, but I have learned how to overcome this and still achieve positive results in my life. My book includes several therapies that I have found useful. It does not contain medical advice because I am not a doctor. It does contain information that may help you to understand anxiety, and come to terms with your anxiety, and still have a successful life.


Counselling sessions to create a safe space to discuss and implement changes to overcome barriers and obstacles in your life. This may include, relationship issues, family issues, stress, loss grief, and bereavement support. Introductory price of $90.00 per session length of 1 hour. 



Our Hypnotherapy sessions can help you overcome the issues holding you back. General hypnosis helps with anger, stress, fears, and phobias, building confidence, bad habits, and much more. Introductory price of $90.00 per Session length 1 hour 

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Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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