Arthur Paternoster

As a young soldier, I lost my right eye and suffered severe anxiety attacks and a degree of PTSD. After years of suffering, I learned to deal with this. The lesson that I learned was that you cannot change the past, but you can change how you let it affect you. Subsequently, I entered the University of Western Australia to study Law and achieved admission as a lawyer in Western Australia.

Following my retirement from the law, I have studied psychology, life coaching, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy. I still suffer from depression, but I have learned how to overcome this and still achieve positive results in my life. The book includes several therapies that I have found useful. It does not contain medical advice because I am not a doctor. It does contain information that may help you to understand anxiety, and come to terms with your anxiety, and still have a successful life.

The Magic Ice Cream

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Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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